SAILING Extramural Grant Program Announces First Round Selections and Opens Second Round for Applications!

Author:Aurora Date:2024-06-18




Announcement for Selection of First Round

On June 11, 2024, during the 42nd Vicenza Course AKI-CRRT-ECOS and Critical Care Nephrology 2024, Professor Rinaldo Bellomo announced the global selection results for the first round of applications for the 'SAILING Program'.

Video: Professor Bellomo Announcing the Selected Project

The SAILING - Extramural Grant Program is funded by Jafron Biomedical and endorsed by the International Renal Research Institute of Vicenza (IRRIV) Foundation, University of Melbourne, and the Chinese Nephrologist Association. Professor Claudio Ronco from Italy, Professor Rinaldo Bellomo from Australia, and Professor Xiangmei Chen from China serve as the Global Academic Committee Chairs for the program. Since its launch at the Jafron International Hemoadsorption Summit in November 2023, the "SAILING Program" has attracted considerable global attention among eminent scholars.


The first round of the “SAILING Program” attracted 58 study protocols from various countries, including China, Italy, Portugal, Switzerland, Brazil, Russia, India, Iran, the Philippines, Thailand, Turkey, and Oman.


Following rigorous review and selection by the Global Academic Committee, 17 studies have been awarded. These studies encompass a broad spectrum of applications for hemoadsorption technology, addressing areas such as nephrology, sepsis, drug intoxication, cardiac surgery, as well as exploring innovative fields like neurological disorders, drug-induced liver injury, and cytokine adsorption.

Below is the list of the 17 awarded studies:


Note: The list is in alphabetical order of first name.

All awarded studies are required to revise and finalize their protocols, with the completed versions due for submission to the program email by July 31, 2024.


Announcement of the Second Round for Applications

To further advance clinical studies in hemoadsorption and related extracorporeal blood purification fields, the “SAILING Program” will continue its funding initiative in 2024. During the 42nd Vicenza Course, Professor Bellomo announced the commencement of the second round for applications.


Application Period: June 11, 2024 - November 29, 2024

Study Duration: two years (2025-2026)

Application Method: Submit an initial proposal (scan the QR code to download) to the program email


Through the SAILING program, we aim to harness the expertise of clinical professionals worldwide, foster scientific advancements in adsorption and related extracorporeal blood purification fields, and contribute significantly to human health.