Embark on a journey of medical innovation at the WCN'24

Author:Branding Date:2024-04-18

At the WCN'24 conference in Buenos Aires, Argentina, held in April 13-15, Jafron's booth and satellite symposium captivated a sizeable audience of over 500 doctors, actively immersed in discussions about our hemoadsorption therapies. With a surge of inquiries, doctors demonstrated significant interest and curiosity in Jafron’s technology and products.

Jafron Latam team curated an engaging academic conference during WCN’24, featuring distinguished experts. Professor Ronco delivered a comprehensive exploration of the principles and applications of hemoadsorption technology. Furthermore, Dr. Mier from Mexico, Dr. Darío Jiménez from Ecuador, and Dr. David Ballesteros from Colombia presented compelling local case studies covering areas such as chronic kidney disease, rhabdomyolysis, and acute poisoning, igniting a plethora of inspiration and insights among attendees.

This academic gathering not only provided a platform for learning and exchange but also underscored Jafron’s pivotal role in the medical field. Jafron remains steadfast in its commitment to advancing hemoadsorption progress and offering hope and possibilities to patients.