Exciting Highlights from Jafron Hemoadsorption Day

Author:Branding Date:2024-04-03

Jafron Vietnam Hemoadsorption Day, held in Ho Chi Minh on March 30, brought together 200 medical experts from around 40 hospitals engaging in discussion and insights exchanges, was a hotspot for innovation in ICU care. 


Key Insights :

-Professor Thao spotlighted hemoadsorption technology as a groundbreaking advancement for ICU care, offering new hope in the battle against sepsis, infection shock, and multiple organ failure.


-Professor Thang took us on an enlightening journey through the evolution and impact of hemoadsorption, highlighting the success of HA280 in treating immune diseases and showcasing the superiority of Jafron products.


-The event also featured invaluable experiences from Professor Linh and Professor An, delving into the application of HA330 and DPMAS in critical care and presenting compelling results from clinical studies on HA330's effectiveness in sepsis treatment. In Professor An’s study, 13 patients were selected to receive 1 dose/day of HA330+CVVH treatment for 3 consecutive days, and the results showed that HA330 could effectively reduce mortality, improve prognosis, and shorten hospital stay.


During the interaction section, several topics such as “treatment frequency”, “dosage”, “operating conditions”, and other issues of hemoadsorption therapy were deeply discussed. This event marks a significant leap forward in critical care, promising a brighter future in hemoadsorption therapy.